Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two months after Synthroid

Today I had my first follow-up after starting on Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone) two months ago. The diagnosis: my levels were quite low (as I thought). Here's what happened:

When I went in for my last appointment, my thyroid wasn't completely ablated (killed off) yet, so my doctor was hesitant to start me off with a normal dose. But she also didn't want to leave me suffering with nothing. So she started me on a low dose. This meant that after it got into my system--which takes about two weeks, I had a week or so of feeling good. But the dose soon proved to be far too low, leaving me feeling worse and worse as the weeks passed by.

Now she's bumped me up quite a bit, so I should be feeling better in about two weeks. In another two months, I'll go back in for blood work and she'll re-evaluate the dosage. If it's still low, she'll bump it up again.

But from what she's said, I'm a strange case--both in that I had a reaction to PTU months ago and because my thyroid took longer than normal to die off. Also, I haven't gained as much weight as she expected. (I can't help it. I feel stuffed after eating so little...) So if you are wondering if my experience is representative...well, apparently not.

So I'm strange. What else is new?

Also interesting to note: from what the doc says, as long as I wait at least a half hour before eating anything or taking any other medications, I should start having good days in two weeks. In other words, waiting longer before eating and sitting up after taking the drug shouldn't matter. Guess we'll find out...

For now, I'm going to get another cup of coffee so I can get something accomplished today.


  1. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this blog! I'm most likely going to have to take the radioactive iodine within the next month and it's so nice to read such an honest account from a fellow young person! Please keep posting! :)

  2. Since i took desiccated porcine thyroid I notice that I feel more energetic and my hands don't get as cold in the winter. I've noticed that I could eat more without gaining weight.