Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have a Cup of Coffee and Go to Bed

3 1/2 weeks after radioactive iodine treatment...

Yesterday I drank a cup of coffee and then laid down and slept for almost two hours. No, this is not normal behavior for me. In fact, a couple of years ago, I gave up coffee all together. I found it was making me too hyper (shaky) and I had trouble sleeping at night. Little did I know that my hyperactivity may have already been related to Graves' Disease.

Being off coffee's been good overall. The longer I've been off, the less I craved it. But now, when I find I crash out within a few hours after getting up (some days I have trouble even getting up), coffee has become my friend again.

Here's the problems with coffee: it doesn't always work.

This is a tired like nothing I've ever experienced before. It gives me a new appreciation for all my hypothyroid friends and family members. Hypothyroidism may be more easily treatable, but it's not necessarily an easier road to walk--particularly because it's difficult to keep your eyes open.

Thank goodness for the endocrinologist, who I get to visit again tomorrow. I hope she's got some synthetic thyroid hormone to prescribe me, or I may have to upgrade to espresso.

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